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Spark Plug Terminal BG Spark Plug Terminals


BG’s model 21420 spark plug terminal performs better and lasts longer because it withstands higher temperatures. . .

Use BG’s 21420 terminals and Flash-Fighter extensions to reduce voltage loss and enhance the operation of your ignition system.

Terminal Insert, Brass
- Nickel Plated
Volute Spring
Spring Clip
Spike DS Connector for Spark Plugs

SPIKE DS™ P/N 22390

BG’s Spike DS™ has all the advantages of the DS™ Connector plus the ease of installation of standard Rajah type connectors. The Spike DS™ may be used with any of the spark plug connectors shown above, or with BG’s Seal-On™ Boots for 7mm cable with standard conductor. Use 3/8” flathead screwdriver to assemble.
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