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Flash-Tite Spark Plug Connector - P/N 21600
Flash-Tite Spark Plug Connector - P/N 21800

This unique connector is now widely used in applications where previously only metallic braid shielded leads were accepted. . .

BG's new Flash-Tite Spark Plug Connector is designed for use with 5/16" ID silicone hose, 7mm ignition cable, and the specially designed coil connectors found in this catalog. A Flash-Tite Lead Assembly is safer than a conventional unshielded secondary lead because it prevents disassembly of the lead from the spark plug while the engine is running. . . The coil end of the lead must be disconnected first! Designed for use with unshielded spark plugs, the Flash-Tite Connector is springloaded to contain the arc in the event of flashover of the spark plug insulator.

Flash-Tite Lead Assemblies have several major advantages over conventional shielded leads: In the event of spark plug leakage, combustion gases do not become "trapped" inside the lead. Any leakage is vented. Internal condensation of combustion gases is frequently a source of maintenance problems in shielded lead applications. Although the Flash-Tite Connector is vented, it is designed so that rain and moisture cannot enter the lead or the connector. And since there is no metallic cover on a Flash-Tite lead, firing indicators and analyzer pick-ups may be used, simplifying trouble-shooting.

Flash-Tite Spark Plug Connectors are easy to assemble using P/N 21200-04 stud. (Order separately.) Complete instructions are provided.

Complete Lead Assemblies are also
available. . . See the following page.


P/N* Extended Length Compressed Length
21600 7.825" 6.825"
21620 10.000" 9.000"
21660 6.825" 5.825"
21800 5.315" 4.315"
21940 14.000" 13.000"
22510 17.000" 16.000"
23285 19.000" 18.000"
23285 19.000" 18.000"
25386 24.000" 23.000"

*NOTE: CHAMPION Plug models W10, W14, and W18 require a larger inside diameter than the above. Indicate this by adding the suffix -W to the part number (example: 21600-W). Not available on model 21800.

Spark Plugs with extra long insulators,such as the RB77WPC, require a deeper boot. Indicate this by adding the suffix - L to the part number. Not available on models 21660 and 21800.

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