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M-Series Coil Adapter M28-1C

Coil Adapter with long male terminal for use with 3/4"-20 spark plugs having extended terminal wells; such as Champion RHW77N shown below.

Champion RHW77N


Available in a variety of configurations
to meet every application.

Coil Adapter Model Length* Spark Plug Terminal Insulator Spare Parts Kit No.
M8-1C 0.75 Long Ceramic RM8-1C
M8-1T 0.75 Long Teflon® RM8-1T
M8-2C 0.75 Standard Ceramic RM8-2C
M8-2T 0.75 Standard Teflon® RM8-2T
M15-2C 1.5 Standard Ceramic RM15-2C
M28-1C 2.75 Long Ceramic RM28-1C
M28-1T 2.75 Long Teflon® RM28-1T
M28-2C 2.75 Standard Ceramic RM28-2C
M28-2T 2.75 Standard Teflon® RM28-2T
M68-1C 6.32 Long Ceramic RM68-1C
M68-1T 6.32 Long Teflon® RM68-1T
M68-2C 6.32 Standard Ceramic RM68-2C
M68-2T 6.32 Standard Teflon® RM68-2T
M80-1C 8 Long Ceramic RM80-1C
M90-2C 9 Standard Ceramic RM90-2C
M108-1C 10.75 Long Ceramic RM108-1C
M108-2C 10.75 Standard Ceramic RM108-2C
M188-1C 18.75 Long Ceramic RM188-1C
M188-2C 18.75 Standard Ceramic RM188-2C
M240-2C 24 Standard Ceramic RM240-2C
*Length shown is length added to installed height of spark plug (in inches)
M-Series Coil Adapter M28-2T

Coil Adapter with standard male terminal for use with 3/4"-20 spark plugs with standing depth terminal wells shown below.

Coil Adapter
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