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ARP670 Type 1M Turbine Lead Terminal
ARP670 Type 1M

ARP670 Type 3M Turbine Lead Terminal
ARP670 Type 3M

ARP670 Type 5M Turbine Lead Terminal
ARP670 Type 5M

BG offers reconditioning services and spare part kits for BG turbine leads.

New models are added regularly. Consult factory for inquiries.

Ref. GE P/N BG P/N Description
201B222P27 21275-27 LEAD ASSY.
201B222P29 21275-29 LEAD ASSY.
201B222P30 21275-30 LEAD ASSY.
201B222P32 21275-32 LEAD ASSY.
201B222P33 21275-33 LEAD ASSY.
201B222P34 21275-34 LEAD ASSY.
201B222P35 21275-35 LEAD ASSY.
201B222P37 21275-37 LEAD ASSY.
201B222P38 21275-38 LEAD ASSY.
201B222P41 21275-41 LEAD ASSY.
201B222P43 21275-43 LEAD ASSY.

Garrett Lead
Ref. Champion Aero. BG P/N
50158-1 26054

Turbine Leads

Turbine Engine

BG-made aftermarket leads for GE, Pratt & Whitney, Westinghouse, Allison, etc. Ground Applications

All ARP670 type "M" terminals available. Type "F" terminals can be custom designed upon request. Brazed or swaged conduit construction.

100 psi pressure testing available for brazed conduits. Electric contacts available in standard spring type or exotic materials (tungsten, beryllium-copper, etc.).

Our standard insulation materials are alumina ceramic and premium electrical grade PTFE. Standard and custom configurations available.

Ref. GE P/N BG P/N Description
9600M37P11 23970-12 LEAD ASSY.
9600M37P12 23970-12 LEAD ASSY.
9600M37P13 23970-13 LEAD ASSY.
L24932P01 26120-01 LEAD ASSY.
L24932P02 25135-02 LEAD ASSY.

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