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Models RB105-1 And RB114-1 Have Long Insulators For Extra Flashover Protection

A unique cooling process is why BG plugs last longer. . .

The foremost way that spark plug manufacturers change heat range of a spark plug is to change the length of the ceramic nose - the length measured from the sealing gasket downward to the firing end. A shorter ceramic nose makes the spark plug "colder," but also makes it more prone to fouling because the electrical path is shortened. Only BG uses cast silver in direct contact with the ceramic insulator to facilitate cooling - this allows BG to offer "colder" spark plugs with adequate nose lengths to prevent fouling.

Spark Plug Diagram of RB114-1
Spark Plug Terminal Nut #8-32 Thread - P/N 17552
P/N 17552-1
Terminal Nut
#8-32 Thread
P/N 22332 Terminal Adapter Adapts 4mm Thread to #8-32 Thread
P/N 22332
Terminal Adapter
Adapts 4mm Thread
To #8-32 Thread
P/N 25912 Terminal Nut M4 Thread
P/N 25912
Terminal Nut
M4 Thread
Spark Plug Gaskets
Part No. Size Material
A506 14mm Solid Copper
A4808 7/8"-18 Solid Copper
21001 7/8"-18 Folded Steel
21367 For top threaded S.P. Solid Copper
21430 14mm Folded Steel
21435 18mm Folded Steel

All new BG spark plugs include a gasket. The ability of a spark plug to seal gas leakage and conduct heat depends upon the condition of the gasket. When reinstalling spark plugs, always use a new gasket.

(Spark Plug Selection Chart on page 52)

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