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Products for Jenbacher Engines

Secondary Leads for Jenbacher 300 Series Engines

Jenbacher 300 Secondary Lead
BG P/N 25898 for Jenbacher 300 engines

Features include:
  • DS™ connector for a superior electrical connection
  • Viton® grommet for high temperature applications
  • Extended flashover coverage with premium PTFE insulator
  • Manufactured in U.S.A.

Also available with BG's patented BlackJack® insulators for extended life. Order by coil connector type:

Post Terminal M22x1.5 Thread Square Thread
Jenbacher Post Coil Terminal Jenbacher M22 Coil Terminal Jenbacher Square Thread Coil Terminal
P/N 26657 P/N 26669 P/N 26670

Secondary Leads for Jenbacher 600 Series Engines

Secondary Lead for Jenbacher 600 Engine
BG P/N 26665-01 for Jenbacher 600 Series Engines


Replacement Parts of Jenbacher Leads

BG offers parts for rebuilding or refurbishing Secondary Leads for Jenbacher engines

Valve Cover Grommet for Jenbacher 300
Valve Cover Grommet
P/N 25538
Extension Boot for Jenbacher 300
Extension Boot
P/N 22946
Coil Boot for Jenbacher 300
Coil Boot (Post Style)
P/N 25539
Silicone Seal for Jenbacher 300
3-Rib Seal – Silicone
P/N 25307
Viton Seal for Jenbacher 300
3-Rib Seal – Viton®
P/N 26041

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