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Custom Product Design and Manufacturing for
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

BG designs and manufactures a variety of components and sub-assemblies for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Customers include manufacturers of reciprocating engines, gas turbines, engine controls, aircraft engines, transformers, compressors, and other industrial equipment. Specialty applications have included igniter leads for Universal Studios pyrotechnics, military drones, and Ares Rocket Prototypes (NASA).

BG has a well established reputation for engineering excellence dating back over 50 years. BG's innovative engineering has resulted in a portfolio of products that include the world's first single piece ¾"-20 shielded spark plug extension, the first coil adapter for integral coils, the first non-shielded lead assembly (Flash-Titeā„¢) accepted by regulatory bodies for use in the Gulf of Mexico, the first non-metallic high tension leads to be approved by the Canadian Standards Association, the first FAA approved igniter lead for VLJ's (Very Light Jets), and a host of other cabling and connector products that improve engine performance and extend spark plug life.

Products include:
  • High-Voltage Ignition Lead and Cable Assemblies
  • Low Voltage Cable Assemblies for engine monitoring and control
  • Spark Plug Extensions & Connectors
  • Cable & Wiring Harnesses
  • Flexible Conduit Assemblies
  • High-Precision Hardware (nuts, terminals, ferrules, adapters, etc.)
  • Electric Feedthroughs & Bushings
  • Shielded High-Voltage and Low-Voltage Assemblies
  • Products for Hazardous Locations

Core Capabilities
Conduit and Cable Assemblies
Conduit & Cable Assemblies:
Custom Mechanical and Electrical Assemblies
Custom Mechanical & Electrical Assemblies:
-High-voltage applications
-High-temperature applications
-Corrosive environments
-Pressure vessels
-RF suppression
Machined Parts
Machined Parts:
Hermetic Products:
-Electrical Feedthroughs
-Epoxy & glass sealing
Engineering Services
Engineering Services:
-Mechanical Design
-Electrical Design
Third Party Certifications
Third-Party Certification:

OEM Customers include
BG OEM Customers

BG engineers pride themselves on innovative design and will partner with you through the development process to create a superior product. An experienced on-shore production team and a mature quality system (ISO 9001:2008) ensure the timely delivery of an exceptional product.
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