Auburn Liquid Level Sensors & Observation Ports

The BG Service Company is an official distributor of Auburn Liquid Level Sensors & Observation Ports. Refer to the Liquid Level Sensor brochure and Observation Port brochure for full product specifications and images. Contact us for pricing and availability.

Liquid Level Sensors

Auburn liquid level control electrodes are used in control systems that rely on the electrical conductivity of fluids. These products are ideal for controlling liquids and moisture levels in foods, dairy, drug, and chemical processing. Additional applications include liquid level control in steam boilers, water heaters, supply tanks, and sewage disposal systems.

Three series of Auburn liquid level control electrodes are offered to meet specific application requirements. The WCT series with Teflon insulation, the WCC series with ceramic insulation, and the WCC-KH series with Teflon protected ceramic and Kovar center wire. All metal components, unless stated otherwise are 303 and 304 stainless steel.

Alumina Insulation WCC Series

Metal parts are 300 series non-magnetic stainless steel. Teflon insulation and seals are for applications up to 1,000 psi at 70Degrees F. and 400 deg F at 1 atmosphere, and will maintain their insulating properties when subjected to many corressive chemicals.

Auburn Sales SymbolSKUHEXThread
WCC-121309513/165/8-24 NEF
WCC-12-11309913/165/8-24 NEF -3
WCC-1112130977/81/2-14 NPT
WCC-1112-3135837/81/2-14 NPT
WCC-11381309613/163/8-18 PTF Short
WCC-1138-3131007/83/8-18 PTF Short
WCC-1138L1445013/163/8-18 PTF Short

Alumina Insulation WCC (KH) Series

Metal parts are 300 series non-magnetic stainless steel. These control electrodes, with special insulator tip seals nad glass-sealed solid kovar center wire, are for applications up to 2500 PSI at 70.F and 450.F at 1 atmosphere.

Auburn Sales SymbolSKUHEXThread
WCC-12-1KH1310413/165/8-24 NEF -3
WCC-12KH1310113/165/8-24 NEF
WCC-12K UC1336913/165/8-24 NEF
WCC-1112KH131037/81/2-14 NPT

Teflon Insulation and seals WCT Series

WCT Series liquid level control electrodes are rated at 20 amperes at 250 volts, and can be used in steam applications up to 100 PSI at 337 deg F.

Auburn Sales SymbolSKUHEXThread
WCT-21309213/161-11 1/2 PTF-SAE Short
WCT-901308513/165/8-24 NEF-2
WCT-90-21308913/165/8-24 NEF-2
WCT-912130877/81/2-14 NPT
WCT-9381308613/163/8-18 PTF-SAE Short
WCTL-38141309113/163/8-18 PTF-SAE Short
WCTL-38141S1336413/163/8-18 PTF Short

Observation Ports

Auburn observation ports remain leak proof under high pressure and at high temperature because of unitized one-piece construction. Cico-weld eliminates the need for an organic gasket that can deteriorate under adverse pressure and temperature conditions. Pyrex viewing glass prevents cracking under rapidly changing operating temperatures.

Auburn Part NumberSKU“A” Thread Size“B” HEX Size“C” DiameterMaximum Operating Pressure (PSI)Maximum Operating Temperature
P-380135801/2-14 NPT0.4370.75350400° F
P-500135781/2-14 NPT0.560.875275400° F
P-750131133/4-14 NPT0.751.12200400° F
P-1000135811-11 1/2 NPT0.91.375150400° F

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