Ceramic Seal-On Extensions Extend Spark Plug Life In Demanding Applications

Engine laboratory tests have shown that when a tight fitting spark plug boot is used, spark plug life is increased. Now BG introduces a composite ceramic PTFE extension that incorporates a PTFE coated Viton® O-ring for increased sealing pressure. Because the voltage necessary to “flash-over” the plug insulator is increased, spark plugs will operate at larger gaps that previously resulted in plug failure. . .

  • High alumina ceramic prevents dielectric breakdown due to corona cutting.
  • Viton® O-ring increases sealing pressure, yet makes extension easier to install.
  • DS™ Connector uses a double spring and will not loosen like Rajah types.
  • Model available for use with silicone hose (stud connection).


*P/N 23550- includes a section with resistors (value from 8,000 to 12,000 OHMS)
**P/N 25765- includes a section with resistors (value from 4,800 to 7,200 OHMS)

Part No. Part No.
23155– 23160–

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