Products for Jenbacher Engines

Secondary Leads for Jenbacher 300 Series Engines

BG P/N 25898 for Jenbacher 300 engines

Features include:

  • DS™ connector for a superior electrical connection
  • Viton® grommet for high temperature applications
  • Extended flashover coverage with premium PTFE insulator
  • Manufactured in U.S.A.

Also available with BG’s patented BlackJack® insulators for extended life. Order by coil connector type:

Post Terminal

P/N 26657

M22x1.5 Thread

P/N 26669

Square Thread

P/N 26670

Secondary Leads for Jenbacher 600 Series Engines

BG P/N 26665-01 for Jenbacher 600 Series Engines


  • Constructed with BG’s patented BlackJack® insulator technology for maximum performance
  • Built with a DS™ connector to provide a superior electrical connection
  • Seal to the spark plug with a Viton® O-Ring
  • Increase dielectric strength at the coil terminal with high-alumina ceramic insulators
  • Mount directly on the OEM flange with a bayonet retention mechanism
  • Available for M22x1.5 (P/N 26665-01) or Square (P/N 26665-02) coil thread

Replacement Parts of Jenbacher Leads

BG offers parts for rebuilding or refurbishing Secondary Leads for Jenbacher engines

Valve Cover Grommet
P/N 25538
3-Rib Seal – Silicone
P/N 25307
Coil Boot (Post Style)
P/N 25539
3-Rib Seal – Viton®
P/N 2604
Extension Boot
P/N 22946

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