BG’s DS™ Series Connectors have double spring contact to prevent circuit breakdown due to arcing. . .

  • Unique double spring design will not “loosen” like Rajah type terminals.
  • Includes stud and is easier to install – just crimp on stud and screw on connector.
  • PTFE insulator withstands higher temperatures than conventional spark plug connectors.
  • Universal – fits all spark plug makes and models. (for W10, W14, W18 See * below)
  • May be used with 5/16” ID silicone hose.
  • Optional model available for use with high resistance wire.
DS-1*Use with any standard 7mm wire. Stud included with terminal.
DS-1SS*Use with hi-resistance wire, BG P/N 21825. Stud & stud support included with terminal (See page 41).

*Add suffix “W” to part number when intended for use with W10, W14 or W18 spark plug. (Example: DS-1W)

P/N 22100SS – Right Angle Connector Kit For Use With High Resistance Wire

1218257mm Hi-Resistance Cable (Not Part of Kit)
222098Stud Sleeve
321992Stud Support
423763Connector 90°

For more information on hi-resistance wire & stud support see pages 38 & 41.

Low cost spark plug terminals for normal service applications

  • Industry-standard type rugged Dupont Zytel® 101 covers.
  • Solderless – easy to install.**
  • Fits all makes of spark plugs. Except large plugs (W10, etc…)
  • Low cost.

**Simply use #2 Phillips head screwdriver to assemble terminal.

P/N 22118
Right Angle Connector For Silicone Hose**

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