CRIMP TOOL Part No. 21680 is now available for use with all BG 21200 Series Studs…

This professional crimping tool produces perfect crimp joints every time. It is a “controlled cycle tool” which means that once started, the crimp must be completed before the handle will open again. The depth of the crimp is pre-set and cannot be exceeded. The tool comes with a “universal locater” which permits precise positioning of the crimp on various length studs.

CRIMP TOOL Part No. 22019 for use with BG stud support…

This professional crimping tool is specially designed for use with BG stud support part number 21992 described on the following page. The “controlled cycle” feature produces perfect crimps every time.

Spare Die Sets: P/N 22017 die set for 7mm stud support.
P/N 22956 die set for 8mm stud support.

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