BG offers a Reconditioning Service for industrial spark plugs using a 20+ step process that includes chemical cleaning, honing, gapping, painting, new cylinder gasket and complete testing…

On average, 83% of plugs returned are suitable for reconditioning and have sufficient electrode material remaining to achieve the same performance level as a new spark plug. Complete factory testing is performed on each spark plug prior to shipping. Cost savings are substantial. See Frequently Asked Questions below for more details.


Question:Do you recondition only BG brand spark plugs?
Answer:No. We also recondition Champion™, Denso™, Caterpillar™, Waukesha™, Bosch™, and Beru™ spark plugs.
Question:How much does it cost?
Answer:That depends on the type of spark plug. For a typical 18mm spark plug with Iridium or Platinum electrodes (Denso G-1, G-3, G-5; Champion RB77WPCC, FB77WPCC; BG RB485-1) the user’s cost is less than 25% of the new plug price.
Question:Will I get the same service life out of a reconditioned spark plug as a new spark plug?
Question:Will I get back the same number of spark plugs as I return for reconditioning?
Answer:No. Only spark plugs that pass our factory tests are returned.
Question:Am I invoiced for the spark plugs that you can’t recondition?
Answer:No. You are only invoiced for spark plugs that we are able to satisfactorily recondition and return to you.

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