Question:Will I actually be getting back the same plugs that I return or are they mixed with other customers’ spark plugs during processing?
Answer:Spark Plug lots are not mixed. You will get back the same plugs you send to us, less those that fail our tests.
Question:How long does it take?
Answer:Normally you can expect that we will ship reconditioned spark plugs to you within 10 business days of receipt.
Question:I’d like to try your service. What do I need to do?
Answer:Contact your BG Distributor/Dealer and ask them to pick up the worn spark plugs. Your BG Distributor/Dealer can provide you with pricing information and will return the reconditioned spark plugs to you, or may request that BG drop ship directly to you.
Question:I don’t have a local BG Distributor/Dealer who can take my spark plugs. May I send the worn spark plug directly to BG?
Answer:Yes. Send prepaid to The BG Service Co. Inc., 1400 Alabama Avenue West Palm Beach, Florida 33401. For pricing, call Factory (561) 659-1471 or e-mail us:


  • For best results, install spark plugs to the engine manufacturers recommended torque. Typical torque values are:
Thread SizeTorque*
7/8”70-80 ft. lbs.
18mm38 ft. lbs.
14mm25 ft. lbs.
*Reduce torque values by 20% when using anti-seize compound.
  • Use BG Mica Lubricant (BG Part No. A718) on plug threads to prevent seizure.
  • Use BG Hole Conditioning Tool (Part No. 21045-) to clean cylinder threads and gasket seat in one operation.
  • Avoid touching plug insulator during installation. Hold spark plug by metal shell only.
  • Use a good quality spark plug boot to maximize spark plug life.

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