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BG Ignition Products have been world-renowned for over 95 years and have a well-established reputation for providing the exceptional reliability so necessary in today’s industrial-oilfield applications. BG products are manufactured with exceptional care to extremely precise tolerances to assure maximum consistency in performance and long-term reliability. For additional information contact your nearest BG distributor or factory direct.

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Anti-Seize Compound57
Blackjack™ Products
Blackjack™ 5000 Extensions4
Blackjack™ 5000 Leads5
Blackjack™ for Caterpillar G3520C and G3600 with ADEM36
Coil Adapters for Integral Coils with:
1”-20 Male Threads2627
13/16”-20 Female Threads26
Coil Connecting Kits & Parts for:
Altronic Coils222324
American Bosch (UT)25
Precision (Bendix) Coils2225
Coil Boxes23
Fairbanks Morse (Colt)2325
Unshielded Coils2223
Coil Testers5859
Conduit Assemblies, Unwired20
Crimp Tools for Stud Support40
Cross Reference Guide to:
      – American Bosch (UT) Part NumbersCall Factory
Bendix Part Numbers25
      – Fairbanks Morse (Colt) Part NumbersCall Factory
Elbow Grommets45
Extensions for:
Cetra™ Series Lead Assemblies282934
Flange Mounted Coils6910
Gas Turbines4749
Integral Coils2627
     – Shielded 5/8”-24 Spark PlugsCall Factory
Shielded 3/4”-20 Spark Plugs2829
Unshielded Spark Plugs4679101118
Unshielded Spark Plugs with 13/16”-20 Top Threads34
Extension Removal Pliers23
BG Line48
Auburn Line54
Firing Indicator57
Flame Rods, Auburn LineAuburn Product Guide (Flame Rods)
Flash-Fighter Extensions11
Flash-Tite™ Extensions & Lead Assys1819
Gapsetting Tool57
Gaskets, Spark Plug51
Harness, Nylon Braided49
Header Adapters434445
Hole Conditioning Tool57
Hose, Silicone38
Igniters, Auburn LineAuburn Product Guide (Igniters)
Igniter Lead Assemblies
Gas Turbines4647
Kit, Coil Adapter Spare Parts2627
Kit, Coil Box23
Kits, Coil Termination22232425
Kits, Resistor15
Kits, Seal-On Spark Plug Boot1415
Kits, Shielded Secondary to 3/4”-20 Plug3839
Kits, Termination – for Silicone Hose, for 7mm Wire or for both12131415222324253637
Kits, Unshielded Secondary to 3/4”-20 Plug3637
Kit, Unshielded Secondary to 5/8”-24 Plug3637
Lead Assemblies, Complete:
Blackjack™ 5000 Series5
Cetra™ Series3233
Flash-Tite™ Secondary19
Shielded Primary21
Shielded Secondary with stainless steel braiding3031464749
Unshielded Secondary1617
Unshielded Secondary for Shielded Spark Plug3637
Ultima Series Ceramic Seal-On8
Liquid Level Sensors, Auburn LineAuburn Product Guide (Liquid Level Sensors)
MS Connectors20
Nuts: Spark Plug Terminal51
Nuts: Hardware4243
Observation Ports, Auburn LineAuburn Product Guide (Observation Ports)
Primary Tester59
Resistorized Extensions:
Blackjack™ 5000 Types4
Flash-Fighter Types11
Seal-On Types15
Ultima Types7
Seal-On Boots14
Spark Plugs:
Selection Chart52, 53
BG Shielded and Unshielded Models5051
Denso Line54
Champion Line54
Stud Supports41
Swage Dies43
Terminals for Shielded Spark Plugs36373839
Terminals for Unshielded Spark Plugs:
Flash-Tite™ Type18
High Resistance Wire Type1314
Seal-On Type1415
Silicone Hose Type12131415
Standard Type, Snap-On1213
Universal Type1213
DS™ Double Spring Types13
Spike DS™12
Timing Light and Optional Extension Cords59
Turbine Products and Services for:
      – AgipCall Factory
      – AllisonCall Factory
General Electric4647
Nuovo Pignone47
Pratt & Whitney47
– WestinghouseCall Factory
Ultima Series Ceramic Seal-On Extensions:
Standard and Resistorized Types7
Telescoping Type9
Super for Caterpillar G3520C and G3602 with ADEM3 system10
Wire and Cable38