Ignition Leads for Guascor Engines

BG offers secondary ignition leads for Guascor SFGLD series engines.

BG P/N BG19.33.500 – replaces Guascor P/N 19.33.500
BG P/N BG19.33.600 – replaces Guascor P/N 19.33.600
BG P/N BG76.64.303 – replaces Guascor P/N 76.64.303

Features include:

  • DS™ connector for a superior electrical connection
  • Viton® grommet for high temperature applications
  • Extended flashover coverage with premium PTFE insulator
  • Manufactured in U.S.A.

Spark Plug Extensions for Guascor Engines

BG replacement extensions for FG/FGLD/SFGLD GUASCOR engines with flange mounted coils.

BG P/N 26510-08 Replaces Guascor P/N 99.12.186


  • Constructed with BG’s patented BlackJack™ polymer
  • Improved dielectric strength and increased maximum service temperature
  • Viton® O-ring for a stronger seal to the spark plug
  • Manufactured in U.S.A.

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