Turbine Igniter & Control Leads

BG-made industrial turbine leads for Ground Applications

All ARP670 type “M” terminals available. Type “F” terminals can be custom designed upon request. Brazed or swaged conduit construction.

100 psi pressure testing available for brazed conduits. Electric contacts available in standard spring type or exotic materials (tungsten, beryllium-copper, etc.).

Our standard insulation materials are alumina ceramic and premium electrical grade PTFE. Standard and custom configurations available.BG Replacement Parts by Manufacturer:

New models are added regularly; consult factory for new product inquiries.

ARP670 Type 1M
ARP670 Type 3M
ARP670 Type 5M

Turbine Lead Reconditioning

BG offers a unique turbine lead reconditioning service that extends the life of turbine leads and helps keep down maintenance costs.A Turbine Lead Reconditioning Technician will:

  • Inspect conduit, fittings, ferrules, and nuts to ensure conduit assembly is qualified for further service
  • Clean hardware using BG’s proprietary mechanical and chemical restoration process
  • Replace internal components, cabling, and wiring

Alstom Turbine Lead Interchange Guide

Alstom Leads

Reference Alstom P/NAlternate Alstom P/NsBG P/NDescription
91350216G00191350216G01, 91350216G126150-01Igniter Lead Assembly
91350216G00291350216G02, 91350216G226150-02Igniter Lead Assembly
91350216G00391350216G03, 91350216G326150-03Igniter Lead Assembly
91350216G00491350216G04, 91350216G426150-04Igniter Lead Assembly
91350216G00591350216G05, 91350216G526150-05Igniter Lead Assembly
91350216G00691350216G06, 91350216G626150-06Igniter Lead Assembly
91350216G00791350216G07, 91350216G726150-07Igniter Lead Assembly
91350216G00891350216G08, 91350216G826150-08Igniter Lead Assembly
91350216G00991350216G09, 91350216G926150-09Igniter Lead Assembly
91350216G01091350216G1026150-10Igniter Lead Assembly
91350216G01191350216G1126150-11Igniter Lead Assembly
91350216G01291350216G1226150-12Igniter Lead Assembly
91350216G01391350216G1326150-13Igniter Lead Assembly
91350216G01491350216G1426150-14Igniter Lead Assembly

European Gas Turbines Interchange Guide

European Gas Turbines

Reference GE P/NBG P/NDescription
H3080A00221280Coupling Kit
H3080A00321281Coupling Kit
H3557A00121278-20Igniter Lead Assembly
H3557A00221278-21Igniter Lead Assembly

Garrett Turbine Lead Interchange Guide

Garrett Leads

Reference Champion Aero. P/NBG P/NDescription
50158-126054Igniter Lead Assembly

GE Turbine Lead Interchange Guide

GE Leads – 201 Series

Ref. GE P/NBG P/NDescription
201B222P2721275-27Igniter Lead Assembly
201B222P2921275-29Igniter Lead Assembly
201B222P3021275-30Igniter Lead Assembly
201B222P3221275-32Igniter Lead Assembly
201B222P3321275-33Igniter Lead Assembly
201B222P3421275-34Igniter Lead Assembly
201B222P3521275-35Igniter Lead Assembly
201B222P3721275-37Igniter Lead Assembly
201B222P3821275-38Igniter Lead Assembly
201B222P4121275-41Igniter Lead Assembly
201B222P4321275-43Igniter Lead Assembly
201B222P4421275-44Igniter Lead Assembly

GE Leads – LM Series

Ref. GE P/NRef. Champion Aero. P/NBG P/NDescription
9600M37P1123970-12Igniter Lead Assembly
9600M37P12CH53587-123970-12Igniter Lead Assembly
9600M37P13CH53587-223970-13Igniter Lead Assembly
L24932P0126120-01Igniter Lead Assembly
L24932P0225135-02Igniter Lead Assembly

GE Leads – 311 Series*

Ref. GE P/NBG P/NDescription
311A5802P121160-01Igniter Lead Assembly
311A5802P1021160-10Igniter Lead Assembly
311A5802P1121160-11Igniter Lead Assembly
311A5802P1221160-12Igniter Lead Assembly
311A5802P1321160-13Igniter Lead Assembly
311A5802P221160-02Igniter Lead Assembly
311A5802P321160-03Igniter Lead Assembly
311A5802P521160-05Igniter Lead Assembly
311A5802P621160-06Igniter Lead Assembly
311A5802P721160-07Igniter Lead Assembly
311A5802P821160-08Igniter Lead Assembly
311A5802P421263Termination Kit, Exciter End
311A5802P921500Termination Kit, Exciter End

*BG offers high temperature versions exceeding GE specification of 500°F. Contact factory for details.

GE Leads – 354-Series

Reference GE P/NReference Unison P/NBG P/NDescription
354A1513P0019059155-7223600-01Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P0029059155-14423600-02Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P0039059155-20423600-03Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P0049059155-31223600-04Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P0059059155-38423600-05Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P0109059129-7223870-10Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P0119059129-14423870-11Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P0129059129-20423870-12Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P0139059129-31223870-13Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P0149059129-38423870-14Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P0309059355-7223605-30Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P0319059355-14423605-31Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P0329059355-20423605-32Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P0339059355-31223605-33Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P0349059355-38423605-34Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P0409059360-7225888-40Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P0419059360-14425888-41Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P0429059360-20425888-42Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P0439059360-31225888-43Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P0449059360-38425888-44Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P0509059430-14425035-50Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P0519059430-20425035-51Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P0529059430-31225035-52Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P0539059430-38425035-53Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P0709059435-144Call FactoryIgniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P0719059435-204Call FactoryIgniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P0729059435-312Call FactoryIgniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P0739059435-384Call FactoryIgniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1019059155-7325361-01Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1029059155-14525361-02Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1039059155-20525361-03Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1049059155-31325361-04Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1059059155-38525361-05Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1109059129-7325363-10Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1119059129-14525363-11Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1129059129-20525363-12Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1139059129-31325363-13Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1149059129-38525363-14Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1309059355-7325362-30Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1319059355-14525362-31Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1329059355-20525362-32Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1339059355-31325362-33Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1349059355-38525362-34Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1409059360-7325890-40Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1419059360-14525890-41Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1429059360-20525890-42Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1439059360-31325890-43Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1449059360-38525890-44Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1509059430-14525364-50Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1519059430-20525364-51Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1529059430-31325364-52Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1539059430-38525364-53Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1709059435-14525945-70Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1719059435-20525945-71Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1729059435-31325945-72Igniter Lead Assembly
354A1513P1739059435-38525945-73Igniter Lead Assembly
Termination Kits for 354A151325220Termination Kit, Exciter End
Termination Kits for 354A151325220-TTermination Kit, Exciter End w/Contact
Igniter End Repair Part23740Contact Assembly, Tungsten Tip
Igniter End Repair Part21997-05Retaining Clip

GE – Terminal Extensions

Reference GE P/NBG P/NDescription
158A3479 PT1421265-03Terminal Extension
158A3479 PT1521265-08Terminal Extension
158A3479 PT1621265-09Terminal Extension
158A3479 PT1721265-10Terminal Extension
158A3479 PT1821265-14Terminal Extension
158A3479 PT1921265-16Terminal Extension
158A3479 PT2021265-17Terminal Extension
158A3479 PT21
(Nuovo Pignone P/N SMO 31044)
21265-07Terminal Extension
158A3479 PT2221265-15Terminal Extension
158A3479 PT23
(Nuovo Pignone P/N SMO 31040)
21265-02Terminal Extension
158A3479 PT2421265-05Terminal Extension
158A3479 PT2521265-04Terminal Extension
158A3479 PT2621265-11Terminal Extension
158A3479 PT2721265-12Terminal Extension
158A3479 PT2821265-01Terminal Extension
158A3479 PT3021265-18Terminal Extension
158A3479 PT3121265-19Terminal Extension
239A5669 PT121265-06Terminal Extension
219B6771 PT121265-01Terminal Extension
219B6771 PT221265-06Terminal Extension

Hitachi Turbine Lead Interchange Guide


Ref. Hitachi P/NBG P/NDescription
( 10S211-572 )
( 10S-211-572 )
21275-29Igniter Lead Assembly
( 10S211-572 )
( 10S-211-572 )
21275-30Igniter Lead Assembly
( 10S211-572 )
( 10S-211-572 )
21275-34Igniter Lead Assembly
( 10S211-572 )
( 10S-211-572 )
21275-38Igniter Lead Assembly

Nuovo Pignone (AGIP) Turbine Lead Interchange Guide

Nuovo Pignone

Ref. N.P. P/NBG P/NDescription
RTO7451125560-32Igniter Lead Assembly
RTO7451225560-34Igniter Lead Assembly
RTO7451325560-35Igniter Lead Assembly
RTO7451425560-37Igniter Lead Assembly
RTO7451525560-38Igniter Lead Assembly
RTO7453325560-43Igniter Lead Assembly
RTO7453425560-44Igniter Lead Assembly
RTO7454821278-25Igniter Lead Assembly
RTO7460025560-29Igniter Lead Assembly
RTO7460125560-30Igniter Lead Assembly
RTO7466921278-23Igniter Lead Assembly

Pratt & Whitney Turbine Lead Interchange Guide

Pratt & Whitney

Ref. P&W P/NRef. Unison P/NRef. Champion Aero. P/NBG P/NDescription
3681584053523853-82Igniter Lead Assembly – Left Side
3681594053423853-124Igniter Lead Assembly – Right Side
5893594307925263-01Sensor Lead Assembly
6535544354625228-01Sensor Lead Assembly
7130914845525292-01Igniter Lead Assembly
1080274 B9047505-1 DCH53581-325404-46.75Igniter Lead Assembly
1080275 B9047505-2 DCH53581-425404-89.50Igniter Lead Assembly
1082217CH53581-1Contact UsIgniter Lead Assembly
1082218CH53581-2Contact UsIgniter Lead Assembly
713092 A48456 A25610-01Sensor Lead Assembly
4255725264-01Sensor Lead Assembly
4267223940-01Sensor Lead Assembly w/o Bracket

Pratt & Whitney Replacement Parts

BG P/NDescription
21997-06Retaining Ring
23847Ceramic Insulator
25683Igniter Lead Repair Kit for 23853-82, 23853-124, 25292-
26019Igniter Lead Repair Kit for 25404-46.75, 25404-89.50

Rolls Royce Turbine Lead Interchange Guide

Rolls Royce

Ref. Rolls Royce P/NRef. Champion Aero. P/NBG P/NDescription
2-02J-201-00153363-1Contact UsIgnition Lead
2-02J-201-00353363-1CEContact UsIgnition Lead
2-02J-202-00153363-3Contact UsIgnition Lead
TRN1621353363-1Contact UsIgnition Lead

Solar Turbine Lead Interchange Guide


Ref. Solar P/NRef. Champion Aero. P/NBG P/NDescription
120440-153141-1Contact UsTurbine Lead
120710-153141-1Contact UsTurbine Lead
30434-10151424Contact UsTurbine Lead
919340C214090Contact UsTurbine Lead
945106C211000Contact UsTurbine Lead

Westinghouse / Siemens Turbine Lead Interchange Guide


Ref. Westinghouse/Siemens P/NRef. Champion Aero P/NBG P/NDescription
1741D82001SE8E25775Shielded Extension Assembly (Short) – W251
CH73005Contact UsShielded Extension Assembly (Long) – W251

Westinghouse – Igniters

ApplicationRef. Auburn P/NBG P/NDescription
Combustion Section Assembly Style #2130T5001 of
Turbine Model #W501D
Ref. Allied Dynamics DWG#1730D24001
SI-346BGSI-346Turbine Igniter (see brochure)

Turbine Replacement Parts

OEM P/NsBG P/NDescription
298A8224P001 REV. C
219B6745P001 REV. C
SMO 31073
SOM 25990 PT1
22350Core Assembly
298A8224P002 REV. C
219B6745P002 REV. C
SMO 31046
SOM 25990 PT2
21127Core Assembly
298A8224P003 REV. C
219B6745P003 REV. C
SMO 31086
SOM 25990 PT3
21117Core Assembly
SMO 31076
298A8222 158A3437P004 RR 396008115Washer (100/box)
RR 39599
7032Washer (100/box)
976A0499 P001
21510-Core Assembly
976A0500 P001
21505-Core Assembly
21161PTFE Plug